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Incorporated on June 15, 1950, the community of Burgeo was first settled by the French in the late 1700s. The English followed a few years later. Some settlers set up residents on several of the 365 islands along the surrounding coastline, but later moved to the larger community of Burgeo. The town of Burgeo was always a fishing community, with an excellent harbour, strategic for exploiting the fishery. One of the first known fish buyers in Burgeo were the Clements, who dealt with salt bulk fish for the European market. The first fish processing plant in Burgeo was a ship owned by Fishery Products. Later, a fish plant was built by Arthur Monroe who sold it to Burgeo Fish Industries, who in turn sold it to the government. The plant was later operated by National Sea Products and in 1978 they built a more modern plant. That plant, refurbished in 1999, is now owned by Seafreez Foods Inc. Working diligently toward a diversified economy, Burgeo is now the home of Coastal Growers, a hydroponic greenhouse operation. Burgeo has a strong volunteer spirit, evidenced by its well-trained fire department, its community cable television co-operative and its variety of community service organizations.

Burgeo has many exciting and fascinating attractions. Your adventure begins as you drive along Route 480 - aptly named the Caribou Trail. You will observe the tail end of the Long Range Mountains, deep ravines, open barrens, the Annieopsquotch Mountains, beautiful rivers and lakes that are a photographer's dream. Early mornings and evenings are great for observing moose, caribou, fox and numerous birds. At the end of the Caribou Trail, enjoy the beautiful scenery and the hospitality of the people who await you.

The Sandbanks Provincial Park, with its miles of spectacular beaches, is one of Burgeo's main attractions. The park is a true gem for beach strollers, hikers and families. Scenic walking trails through the park's wooded areas or along the sand dunes are great for relaxing and enjoying the flora and fauna. The park also has campsites and comfort and dumping stations. For those who like the view from above, climb the steps to the top of Maiden Tea Hill located in the center of town and experience the breathtaking view of Burgeo and the miles of water and hills that surround the area.

Burgeo is the home of the Sand and Sea Festival - a three-day event held annually on the first weekend in August. Enjoy performances by local musicians and entertainers and delight in traditional Newfoundland cuisine. The Burgeo Museum provides visitor information and a sense of Burgeo's history. More of the town's history can be experienced by visiting the War Memorial, Seaman's Monument or any of the town's cemeteries. Recreational facilities include a ballfield and an outdoor multi-purpose rink. In winter, activities can include snow-mobiling and skiing along well-maintained trails.

In Burgeo you will be struck by the mix of old and new. Enjoy the quaintness of a traditional fishing outport coupled with the atmosphere of a modern-day service centre. Beautiful Burgeo is the gateway to the Undiscovered Coast!

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