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In the early nineteenth century, settlers formed several small independent communities on the Ramea Islands. In the early 1940s, all inhabitants moved to Northwest Island and formed the town of Ramea, which was incorporated in 1951. The location provided an excellent harbour and was strategic for exploiting the fishery.

In the mid to late 1800s, John Penney & Sons developed a salt fish operation, which rapidly grew into fresh fish processing with deep-sea trawlers. There was year-round employment for nearly 400 people. Since the moratorium on the east coast fishery in 1992, Ramea's plant has operated in 1993, 1995 and 1998 only.

Ramea is working diligently towards building a diversified economy and attracting new industry. It is the home of Newfoundland Aqua Products Inc., a pioneer in Newfoundland's seaweed-kelp industry. Ramea also has a strong volunteer spirit, as evidenced by its well-trained fire department, its community cable television co-operative and its variety of community service organizations.

Ramea is a fascinating place to explore by hiking or by mountain bike. A scenic walking trail provides a splendid view of the coastline and leads to the 100-year-old lighthouse where ancient granite rock formations lie below the lighthouse tower.

For those who like the view from above, climb the steps to the top of Man-o-War Hill and experience a breathtaking view of the Ramea Islands and miles of clear blue Ocean. Ramea is a stopover for many migratory birds and home to a variety of seabirds. Bald eagles nest on the surrounding islands and two puffin colonies are nearby. Residents of Ramea have long been known as "Ramea Puffins" and the puffin is its recognized mascot. There have also been sightings of rare and unusual birds in Ramea.

The Ramea Heritage Centre provides visitor information, a sense of Ramea's history and a selection of locally hand-crafted and manufactured items. More of the town's history can be experienced by visiting the war memorial, the town's history board and any of the town's cemeteries.

Recreational facilities include a ballfield, an outdoor multi-purpose rink and an outdoor swimming pool, which is a major summer attraction.

White Bear Bay is just a short boat ride away. This spectacular fjord is home to an excellent salmon river and an abundance of wildlife, including moose, caribou and black bear. A boat ride along the coast near Ramea can also include visits to the cemeteries of several resettled communities.

For a sample of raw outport talent and a "rousing" good time, visitors can take in the Rock Island Music Festival - a three-day event held annually on the second weekend of August. Enjoy performances by local musicians and entertainers and delight in traditional Newfoundland cuisine.

For a sense of real outport life and hospitality, join the residents who frequent the wharves and fishing stages. There you can participate in a "yarn" and be informed on all of the latest happenings. Ramea remains a strong and unified community. Its citizens are always ready to welcome visitors with warmth and hospitality.

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